17 December 2009

QuicKeys Anywhere is now available!

QuicKeys Anywhere, the FREE companion iPhone application to QuicKeys is now available in the App Store! Click here [iTunes link] to check it out! (Version 4.0.7 is required to pair with QuicKeys Anywhere)

Other Fixes
• Fixed crash in Web Actions when no elements were selected in the list
• Fixed exception when attempting to create a clip from HTML data
• Fixed exception when recording actions involving windows with no discoverable title
• Prompts to unlock the QuicKeys keychain no longer require QuicKeys to become focused
• QuicKeys no longer crashes when the Clipboard is updated with unretrievable data
• Fixed issue where QuicKeys could crash on shutdown or restart
• Added user-enabled option to send application icons to QuicKeys Anywhere
• Various fixes to the pairing mechanism with QuicKeys Anywhere
16 November 2009

Menu Actions
• Added new feature to Menu Actions to allow steps to fail if the item is not the desired "checked" state.
• Tweaked user interface of Menu Actions to better reflect what should happen if a menu item is "checked" or not.
• Fixed issue with menu items not being selected if item is an alternate and menu is also shown. - Snow Leopard
• Worked around OS issue preventing recording of pop-up menu selections. - Snow Leopard
• Fixed issue where system menu items (on right side do menu bar) or menus set to be shown when played could be selected twice.

• Fixed issue with matching immediate completion abbreviations.
• Fixed issue with replacing selected text for Abbreviations.
• Fixed issue where an error could be displayed when selecting a new shortcut to be played for an Abbreviation.

Web Actions
• Fixed issue with Web Actions not loading needed components under Mac OS X10.5 Leopard.

Other Fixes
• Changed how Mac OS Address Book system is initialized to improve launching of QuicKeys.
• Fixed issue where renaming saved searches could make name unreadable while editing.
• Fixed drawing of check box in "On" column in Abbreviations list.
• Fixed scope list drawing issues.
• Fixed display issue of buttons in toolbars in QuicKeys Editor window and Shortcut editor windows.
• Fixed minor issue when trying to edit triggers from shortcut list. - Snow Leopard
• Fixed display of special key names when editing Type Keystroke actions.
• Fixed issue with inability to use QuicKeys Automator plugin. - Snow Leopard
• Fixed icon for Check For Menu and Wait For Menu actions.
• Fixed issue with pairing with QuicKeys Anywhere on iPhone/iPod touch.
• Added Remotes preference to optionally send application icons from QuicKeys to QuicKeys Anywhere on iPhone/iPod touch.
13 October 2009

Major Fixes
• Fixed crash that could prevent launching QuicKeys under Mac OS X 10.5.
• Worked around issue in Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6 where other applications could crash if QuicKeys interacted with their contextual menus.
• Fixed issue where hot keys could stop working until QuicKeys was re-launched.
• Fixed crash that could occur when defining a pop-up button action.

Copy/Paste Issues
• Fixed issue with QuicKeys too aggressively handling certain copied data.
• Fixed issue that caused MS Word to auto-save documents whenever user copied something.
• Fixed issue where copied data in Adobe Illustrator could become corrupted.

• Fixed issue with abbreviations not completing correctly in Nisus Writer Pro and other applications.
• Fixed issue with command key confusing abbreviation analysis.

Other Fixes
• Fixed issue where QuicKeys would present "fn key required" warning when no fn key was present on keyboard.
• Fixed issue in Window actions where window type could not get saved.
• Fixed issue where helper apps may not quit when QuicKeys was quit.
• Improved detection of some devices when editing Device triggers.
• Fixed issues with reporting crashes under Snow Leopard.
15 September 2009

Fixes for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
• Fixed issue where hot keys and abbreviations would stop working.
• Fixed drawing issue with editing step names and subscopes.
• Fixed drawing issues with action palette.
• Fixed user interface animations.
• Fixed Create menu Search field drawing.
• Fixed Menu Selection's "Set Menu for Action" menubar application name bug.
• Fixed crash when shortcut editor window closed.
• Worked around HID issue when assigning hot keys.
• Add-ons are now 64-bit, so they work under Safari.
• Fixed issues with several lists displays.
• Fixed issue where editing variable names were drawing text in the wrong color.
• Fixed issue where leaving the selection on Global in the Variables Editor window would not properly restore selection on restart.
• Fixed advanced search problems for scopes and trigger types.
• Changed how Add-Ons are loaded.

Other Fixes
• Fixed issue with exporting shortcuts that referenced Automator Workflows.
• Command-option-A now toggles the actions palette instead of just opening.
• Fixed drawing issues with action palette when its set to open at launch.
• Adjusted alert message when shortcuts are upgraded.
• Fixed issue where the hot key conflict search could sometimes not properly show search results.
• Fixed issue where some saved searches could show an error.
• Fixed issues with Resize Window "identify by" options.
• Improved latency issue with playing abbreviation completion sound.
• Fixed issue where certain information on the Clipboard would cause QuicKeys to show an error.
• Fixed QuicKeys Anywhere communication issues.
• Fixed crash that could occur when nothing was put in the Clipboard variable.
26 August 2009

New Features
• Now supports QuicKeys Anywhere iPhone/iPod Touch app. Available soon!
• Added Special Paste & Insert Handling list in the Text pane in Preferences window. This lets users specifically add applications that must be made to accept insertions from QuicKeys (e.g. QuarkXPress). This helps with abbreviations, clips, and insert text actions.
• Added cmd-shift-i in QuicKeys Editor for opening Instant Shortcut editor window.
• Searches for shortcuts based on created or last played can now have hour and minutes specified.
• Added Window Action options to resize window based on any corner.
• Now works with KeyCue 4.5 by Ergonis for displaying active QuicKeys hot keys in a convenient pop-up window.

• Fixed issue with abbreviations not working in some applications (e.g. QuarkXPress) that may not always detect clipboard changes. Note these applications will need to be added to the Special Paste & Insert Handling list (which is new in 4.0.3). Please see the note in New Features above.
• Fixed issue with immediate completion abbreviations not being case insensitive.
• Fixed issue where immediate completion abbreviations also worked for trigger based completion.
• Fixed issue with deleting entire typed abbreviation if user had corrected a typo in an abbreviation before completion began.
• Fixed issue where typed text being considered as an abbreviation may have not been re-analyzed if user moved the insertion point using arrow keys.
• Fixed issue with importing some abbreviations made by other applications.
• Fixed issue with abbreviations not working in some applications (Numbers, Excel, etc.) that dynamically add/remove text input fields to their UI.
• Fixed issue with text insertions in text fields in web pages in Safari where text would not be inserted, but QuicKeys thought it succeeded.
• Fixed issue with shortcut list in abbreviations editor not refreshing as expected.
• Fixed crash when certain zero width characters were typed.

App Switcher
• Fixed issue with App Switcher not timing out correctly when not able to launch an app.

• Type-to fixed in Clip lists.
• Fixed issue where Clip actions could say they were finished before they really were.

Device Triggers
• Fixed issue where modifiers were not seen for Device triggers on exclusively used keyboards.

Hot Keys
• Fixed issue where Hot Keys used to run Computer Sleep shortcuts could be stuck down after wake.
• Fixed issue where the display of sticky keys could get stuck on screen.

Menu Actions
• Fixed issue with defining menu actions for menus whose titles are icons.
• Fixed issue with empty menu names.
• Fixed crash that could occur when defining a menu action, particularly for system menus (on right side of menu bar).
• Fixed crash that could occur randomly after setting a new menu for a Menu Selection action.

Pop-Up Menu
• Fixed issue where selected menu item was not set when defining the pop-up menu.

• Fixed issue that could show an error when recording when handling windows.
• Fixed issue where clicks or key actions would not get recorded if they led to a window being shown.
• Fixed issue where clicks on buttons could get recorded as window clicks instead.
• Fixed slow down issue in other applications when recording.

System Tools
• Fixed issue with Quit Application actions when targeting the screen saver.

• Fixed issue with toolbars being made in the wrong scope.

Type Keystroke
• Fixed rare issue with not being able to enter new keys for Type Keystroke actions.

• Fixed crash that occurred when placing Applescript 'list' types in Clipboard variable.
• Fixed crash that could occur if malformed information was placed on the clipboard.
• Fixed issue where if Growl were installed but not running, an error would be shown when using Growl to display a variable value.

Wait Actions
• Fixed issue where Wait for Typed Words actions could cause QuicKeys to hang.

Web Actions
• Web Actions now check for incorrectly configured elements and will warn the user.

Window Actions
• Fixed issue where window tiling would stack windows on top of each other.
• Improved usage of space when tiling windows vertically.

Other Fixes
• Fixed issue with simulating typing arrow keys in some applications.
• Fixed issue with showing tutorials in QuicKeys Online.
• Fixed issue when checking for updates that displayed the current version instead of the new version number when doing an automatic update.
• Fixed crash that occurred if user deleted the Launch Services database.
• Vastly improved speed of actions that change the Finder selection.
• Fixed issue with trial reminder window showing up too often and trial display updates more accurately now.
• Renaming saved searches no longer leaves a search behind with old name.
• Fixed issues with making new shortcuts and toolbars if a saved search was selected before hand.
• Fixed a typo in shortcut editor window.
• Shortcut editor windows now more reliably save their position and size.
• Fixed issue with shortcuts not being recognized on first launch.
• Fixed issue with pre-v4 shortcuts converted with a number appended to their name.
• Fixed issue where secure shortcuts could cause an error to be shown.
14 July 2009

• Fixed crash that could occur during abbreviation completion.
• Fixed crash that could occur when importing shortcuts that duplicated global variables.
• Fixed issue where Type Keystroke actions could prevent canceling playback.
• Fixed issue with modifier keys getting stuck down after playing actions with modifiers set to not release.
• Web page buttons of type 'button' are now properly handled by Web Actions.
• Fixed issue with saving shortcuts that use global variables.
• Fixed issue where multiple selection of trigger scopes could cause an error.
• Improved loading/reloading/importing of shortcuts from packages.
• Fixed issue with handling failure to load a shortcut.
• Better name collision checking when saving files.
• Improved and fixed issues with crash and error reporting.
• Added more error checking when downloaded update file is decompressed.
1 July 2009

• Fixed issue where QuicKeys could confuse other apps when asking for UI information.
• Fixed speed issues with abbreviations, especially rich text abbreviations.
• Improved Type Keystroke speed.
• Fixed issues with activation of QuicKeys where it would get stuck in trial mode.
• Fixed sorting of variables table in shortcut editor window.
• Fixed issues with converting shortcuts from prior versions.
• Fixed issue where pressing Enter in the editor shortcut list could report an error.
• Fixed crash that could occur when screens were re-arranged.
• Fixed issue in Window Actions that could miscalculate window position for screens arranged vertically.
• Fixed Web Launcher editing issue where URLs were not displayed in list.
• Worked around issues with third party system-wide plugins that would interfere with code in QuicKeys.
• Fixed issue that could report a serious error on step failure for Web Launcher, Web Actions, some Computer actions, and for actions that work with the current Finder selection.
• Fixed issue that could report a serious error after editing a Menu Selection action.
• Improved Input Manager's ability to locate the correct version of QuicKeys when multiple copies are located on the computer.
24 June 2009

• First release of QuicKeys 4 for Mac OS X.